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Sunday, July 9, 2017

BH Cosmetics Take Me To Brazil + Club Tropicana

I am in awe of BH Cosmetics right now. I never knew how good their products were until I purchased the Carli Bybel palette a few months ago. When I swatched the highlighters I knew that was the start of this long-term relationship with BH Cosmetics. Now I like Ulta but Ulta never really has every palette I would want so I simply thought it would be wiser to get the product straight from BH Cosmetics. Boy was that a mistake. Their processing time takes some days. That's not even talking about shipping, that is just me talking about them creating labels and getting everything sorted for shipping. You would think because this is a company that is pulling in a good amount of money their customer service for online customers would be great, It took almost about two weeks to receive this product. Then, to top it off once the product was moving the scheduled delivery date was changed because they were afraid it would be late I'm sure. LATE?! I remind you it took a long while to be processed so I would think that part would be okay at least. Once I got to my door I seen a box with BH all over it. Now, where I reside is somewhat the "hood" so I was hoping if they did leave a package it would be discrete. No, it was very obvious and my product could have been stolen from my doorstep.

The reason I was so excited to get this palette is that I don't have another palette anything like this. I was really excited about the Take Me to Brazil palette but the first time I did use it was I was very disappointed. The palette was very chalky and the fallout was severe. However, once I put a nice white base under the shadow I came to love the palette. The colors we true to color once I had that base under it which all in all helped with the fall out dilemma. As for the Club Tropicana palette,  it was beautiful. All of the colors showed without an issue and the colors what a what you see is what you get situation.   Have you all tried either one of these palettes and if so what did you think of them?

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  1. I HATE MAKEUP! Never liked wearing makeup......but whoever enjoys "face paint" more power to them! I spend more money on music and technology more than anything else.


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