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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The Ambition of Super Woman

It's a reason why everyone compares the strength of a mother to SuperWoman. That phrase means a lot to every mother. To be quite honest I believe that that is every mother's goal. I have been trying to be all these different things and the most important job of mines is being a great mother to my children. This job takes super strength even at the verge of breaking. I block out a lot just to be able to do that part perfectly. Being a mother tends to work that way you let go of things just to make sure that your kids are okay. They will always come first. That's the way it should be. I haven't adjusted to working and being a mom and on top of that I have my blog here and my youtube channel so I'm going through the rough patch of getting back into work. I drink coffee maybe every day. The crazy part is I'm drinking coffee just to be able to make it through the remainder of the day without passing out from exhaustion. So, 6 o'clock roll around and I feel my body gradually fading into a deep abyss of the best slumber I may experience from a long day of hard work. Nope, I will chug a full cup of Starbucks coffee just to get my super strength back. This is something I can't just give up on and why would you want to right. My children are everything to me. Like superheroes, I have a duty as well to make sure to see my kids smile a dozen times in one day So that when I pass out at Midnight I know I accomplished my mission. To make my children happy.  Welp, off I go. My mission continues. 

How do feel about being a mother and keeping things afloat? What would you compare it to?

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