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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Sally Hansen Hair Remover Wax Strip Kit Review

I can not believe Sally would do this. I love Sally's polishes. I really do but I don't know what this foolery was. I went extremely brave with this I said okay I want to wax my armpits. It seems like waxing has a long term effect why not. So I asked my sister hey do you want to help me out with this daunting task and she said yes with a devious smirk. I had to build up courage for a whole hour before she laid that strip upon my skin. Now I knew this would hurt because my sister smile gave me an "I'll be glad to inflict horrible pain on you." So I talked myself into it. She warmed the strips in her hands and peeled them apart. She did everything right. She swiped the strip on my skin three times and pulled against the grain. "RIP!!!" I let out the most serious scream. It was so painful but for the result, I felt okay I can tolerate this. Man, I looked at my armpits and I saw a whole landing strip under both. NOOOOOo! It didn't do a thing. All that torture for what? After the waxing was done I was a really sticky. The wax felt like some adhesive that was never meant to pull off the hair.  This product may work for my Caucasian people or someone other than POC however for my hair I guess because it's thicker it didn't work. I was so disappointed I would never ever use this product again. #1 Selling Wax Product my behind.


  1. GIRL, self waxing is so hard. I tried using the Gigi hard wax works well, but I can't deal with the pain lol. JUst going to stick to going to the estheticians!

    1. Yeah I much rather shave then go through that but I would like to see some great results at least once.

  2. Aaaw dang, I've heard self waxing was difficult. Thanks for this review, I think I'll just let the salon ppl take care of it lol.

  3. Threading includes moving curved cotton strings over messy hairlines and culling out the unwanted hair. bikini hair removal cream

  4. The new hairs will not grow back in the previously waxed area for two to eight weeks depending on our hair growth and cycles.painless wax


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