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Friday, May 26, 2017

One Year Natural

Last year I vowed to myself I would not cut my hair. It went through the works. I mean from color to relaxer to texturizer. I did every and anything to my hair. One day I would wear a full buzz cut then the next I will be rocking a full head of bohemian curls. Nothing would stop me from getting the style I wanted. The only style I have not rocked was my hair outside of a pixie styled cut. Like I have never seen my hair touch my shoulders. The growth I have experienced is amazing. No, it's not as much as others growth results, however, It is my hair. Which is very rare to see. People would say have you ever had long hair? The answer is No. I don't remember honestly. My hair was never properly taken care of as a child it would fall out on the sides. I was the girl in the classroom with breakage in the nape area of my head. I remember my mother sent me to school with this ugly afro. Now, before someone says " what? Afros are beautiful." I know they are but being a little girl you always dreamed of having that pretty long braid or that relaxer that had your hair so slick and long you felt like Pocahontas. No, I never experienced that. I was the girl teased for having this issue. So I would get my sister to cornrow my skull out of my head and still, nothing worked. The last time I allowed someone was when I was starting middle school and when to a hair salon and got this jacked up cut that I absolutely hated. So to cope with the fact that I was the daughter with the hair that wouldn't grow I would cut it just to feel better and make it look like I accepted having short hair. After that first cut, I just could not stop I cut my hair for six more years after that. I had someone really close to me tell me that I cut my hair to deal with my problems to feel a sense of relief yet my problems were still there. So, he asked me "Why do you cut your hair?" I told him I just need a fresh start. He told me I was mutilating myself to deal with my problems and asked that I would stop cutting my hair and I haven't since. boy am I glad I didn't. My hair measures about 5 inches. I'm waiting until I get to ten inches before I chop off more.  This is a very interesting journey.

Two Strand Twist Out.


  1. Keep going! As long as you take care of it, it will grow. I promise. If you need any tips feel free to check out some of mine. Looking good girlie!

    Leslie / @hautemommie /

  2. Your curls are beautiful and your hair looks so healthy! I wish you all the best on your journey!

  3. I love your curls! Beautiful hair, everyone's journey is different and that's what makes us unique. Your hair is your crown and your crown is gorgeous. Rock those curls! That's how you #PRIMPLIFE!!


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