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Monday, May 15, 2017

Ode To Ma


As a child, I looked at mom as the only thing I actually had besides my siblings. I never knew how hard it was for her to carry so much weight. I never even asked. I can say I started to ask her how did she manage to do something so powerful on her own once I became a mother. I struggled with being a nurturing person but also a firm and dominant person when it came to authority. It feels like to this day you have to be one or the other or you will confuse your child. My mother was the father I didn't have. I didn't have that affectionate mother I had a more masculine example of a mother when it came to discipline. I think it rubbed off on me. I'm an affectionate person but I been hurt so much it almost feels like its fading and I am focusing more on raising my boys to be the best men I know they can be. I don't want to become her. It's bits and pieces of my mom that I love so much.She showed how to stay strong even when I want to stop and crawl under a rock. She taught me it's okay to cry, but then you have to get up and keep pushing and deal with your shit. Yes, I said it. SHIT! When life throws you lemons make lemonade. She told me the things she advises me on she says it from a place of wisdom because she experienced a lot and everything under the sun isn't new to her. Some of the things she has done, she may have made the wrong choice so she knows the outcome of most of my decisions because she once was me. Mothers know best. I am so sorry for being rebellious but thank you for letting me make my own decisions, it showed exactly what I need to teach my children. If they make the choices to go against as an adult that's their decision we can only teach because they do not belong to me. 

I'm so grateful for my boys. I'm thankful that I could look my mother in the eyes and tell her I love her and how much I appreciate her. I let Mother's day really soak in. I couldn't ask for a better day. This has topped any other mother's day. To be able to be surrounded by people who loves me and teach me how to love to the fullest capacity thank you. I love you Ma And to Julian and Jalil I couldn't have asked a better set of boys to call my children. I love you. To my readers, I hope you enjoyed Mothers Day as much as I did. What did you do for you Mothers Day?


  1. This is beautiful and your boys are adorable!!!

  2. " with your shit." Gotta love it. How could you not expand? Enjoy your family time!

  3. Aw your boys are adorable! Your mom gave you great wisdom girl! Love it.


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