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Friday, May 12, 2017

Energy Is Powerful

Last night I seen something powerful with my hair and skin. I don't know what is going on but it seems like whenever I am stressed out my scalp itches horribly. I've noticed dry patches on my back and yesterday I had a burning feeling on my ears and the perimeter of my hairline (edges). I even had this feeling on the back of my neck. I put my hair under a lot of stress product wise. I've also been under a lot of stress with being a single mom and having to do it alone. Not by choice by force. Bills accumulating and no one asking are you okay. I have the weight of the world on my shoulders. I never expected my scalp to tell me that's it I can't take anymore. So last night I thought what am I putting in my hair that could be causing this negative affect. Of course that was my first thought. Then I said hmmm Shea Butter,Coconut Oil, Jamaican Mango & Lime. Maybe these things together on my scalp is causing this problem. I never had this issue with these products before so what could it be. I looked at all the causes of scalp conditions and what stress can cause on your hair. Women lose their hair all the time because of stress. They will lose their hair, and their overall health because of the stress they endure on a daily basis. So I shampooed anything and everything I have put in my hair with baby shampoo hoping to clarify all of this gunk out of my hair. Maybe my pores were clogged with it, I don't know. I have never dealt with something this severe. After I cleansed my scalp and hair I went and did a rosemary tea rinse on my hair and let it air dry. I didn't really want to because I just did a retwist on my hair. I had to try something simple if all the products were causing my dilemma. It soothed my burning scalp enough to help me sleep. This was all at 2 o'clock this morning. I'm thinking Erythodermic Psoriasis maybe. Who knows. I have to go see a dermatologist. The rinse did help but now it hurts again. Have any of you ever had this problem? It clearly wasn't the products because I cleansed it all out so it has to be stress causing these symptoms to appear. It's just funny to me how such negative energy would show up in the conditions of my scalp. I guess it has a lot to do with the fact that your hair is an antenna. It picked up all the negative things being thrown at me and reacted. I must get some head wraps because if this is what it means to pick up on negative energy I must protect myself. I never knew this could happen because I never let my hair grow out to reach its full potential in it's spiritual nature. I would always cut my antennas. Whenever I got stressed I would think "I'm going just start fresh and cut my hair". Really I was mutilating myself, numbing myself from dealing with the problem. It could range from day to day life to people I've bumped into in public who wishes negativity on me. Doesn't matter, if I felt down or negative I would just buzz cut my hair. A wise man told me that I don't cut my hair because I want a fresh start I was doing that because I couldn't deal with my problems the healthy way. Ladies, I know that you think when you go through a breakup or something that causes you emotional stress that this is a liberating thing to do. It makes you feel free. I learned after I cut my hair the scars are still there. The stress still exist. So what could you do? Cleanse your life from negativity, put positive people around you, and put positive energy back into the world because it will come back. If I can't help the negativity coming to me and my hair I have to have a plan b. Protect yourself. I must cover my hair in public with head wraps and ect just to be on the extra safe side. Have anyone ever felt like this and had these problems appear with their skin and hair under stress? Comment down below let's start a discussion on it.

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  1. I agree. A fresh start is nice but don't do it bc of a break up or something devastating happened. I've been guilty of this in the past. Thanks for sharing.


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