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Thursday, April 27, 2017


Over the years I've learned that I had an issue with commitment. Once I started something I have always struggled to stick it through. I'm pretty sure its my lack of focus and faith that has made me this way. Faith is powerful in that way. I lacked that in every sense. My faith in the possible and in God. Watching how my life has turned out and seeing how discouraged I have been within myself showed me exactly what I do not want my children to follow. It's hard to come from less than what others come from and trying to build something for yourself. However, that's when faith comes into play. Faith in yourself is a better way of saying having confidence. Believing that I can make anything possible. What about when times get severely hard? Do you crack? Most times I did, but seeing that I had nothing for myself I ended up fighting against the odds and getting something for myself . 

Fighting to achieve something and accomplishing that goal showed me it's possible but that strength when I am very weak have to come from somewhere. What better than God? After leaving school and church. I went immediately into the work field. It was hard holding a job because my patience and my temper.  I gotten into relationships that have gone sour. Partly because of my stubbornness in changing. I refused to see the problems within myself. So I made a few goals to strive for but first my mentality have to change. I have to work on myself.

Here's my list of things I must work within myself. 
  1. Positive Mind - Find the good in everything and in every situation and thank God for it. 
  2. Patience - With the process of growth within myself and within my children,
  3. Strength- finding strength that comes from God and put my faith into him rather than humans and material things. 
This should surely help me on my quest to improving myself. Once I have the mental health goals down,  I know the physical goals will be a breeze. 


  1. Goals, honey. It's so good you were able to realize where you default and strive to improve on it.....I still struggle with some attitudes I need to drop and having a list would totally help me; this post made me realize I need to make a list. Thanks for the inspiration, Latasha <3

    1. It's like we know our fault but sometimes too stubborn to change it . I have to change. Sometimes change is a good thing. If you make a list I would love to see what you want to improve in your life <3


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